The house of brands
What will it take for the new generation of consumer to love jewellery?

DP Jewel Line is a house of brands that takes decades of legacy in jewellery forward by re-imagining the jewellery experience.

Distinctive lifestyle brands
Experimental omni-channel retail

To become the House behind modern distinctive jewellery brands designed to capture new demand in the category.


To build distinguished brands rooted in different sectors, each built on a sharp opportunity and designed to deliver excellence in the industry.

The House of Brands

Kumari Fine Jewellery is luxury redefined in fine, wearable and precious jewellery that lets you wear your heart on your sleeve every day. We create Wearable WondersTM that are all about making Everyday Extra.

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Brand Boutiques

Branded Retail as franchise for De Beers and Forevermark stores.

5 stores by March 2025
Digi Gold

A brand that gives 
the most trusted investment a new ownership experience.

Launch: March 2024
Travel Retail

A unique retail brand located at airports, catering to passengers on the move.

Launch: March 2025
Luxury Boutiques

A distinct line of signature boutiques that redefine luxury experience in jewellery.

Launch: March 2025
Retail on Wheels

Interactive and immersive
experience that builds deep associations with brand and product.

Launch: March 2025
Our Story

The journey, started by a legacy jewellery house, now has a new story to tell  the world. And that is where the story of DP Jewel Line begins. DP Jewel Line is born from the desire to write the future 
of the jewellery category and create the most exciting and 
well-recognised brands in the world of Indian jewellery.

Our Management Team
Vikas Kataria
Managing Director

Hailing from the founding family of 
DP Jewellers, Vikas brings with him a heritage of craftsmanship and an innate understanding of the art of making jewellery desirable. With decades of experience in the industry, he effortlessly weaves together tradition and modernity, crafting a fitting tribute to jewellery that resonates with the next generation of 
Indian consumers.

Amit Bandi
Chief Executive Officer

With two decades in the world of jewellery, Amit carries the knowledge and insight necessary to forge a house of brands that will define the future of jewellery retail in India. A driving force in strategy and execution, Amit crafts the blueprintfor success, -from steering business strategy and execution to framing big, disruptive ideas, his expertise lays the foundation for the new era of DP Jewel Line.

Supriya Kataria

Supriya stands as the dynamic force alongside Vikas, instrumental in breathing life into this visionary endeavour. Representing the design ambition of the company, Supriya brings the skilland passion necessary to create design-firstbrands that push the boundaries of traditional jewellery.